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Green Line Means Go! by Fabian Figueroa-Sepulveda

Written By: Kenny Schreiber January 22, 2011 No Comment

Fabian Figueroa-Sepulveda during the Day of Silence Flash Mob

On December 6th, the long-awaited Green Line finally opened with 15 new stations from North Carrollton/Frankford to Buckner Station in Pleasant Grove on the far-east side of Dallas, which includes Victory Station near Downtown becoming a full-time station. Just down the street from nearby Market Center Station is Youth First Texas.

The opening of the Green Line is just in time, before the winter weather turns nasty, and it offers safety and convenience. No more crossing a busy street in a hurry to catch an oncoming bus; and definitely no more waiting in sub-freezing temperatures. The Green Line has made my trip to YFT more comfortable and safer, so now I don’t have to walk to or from YFT when it begins to get dark, and I don’t have to worry about feeling like I’m about to freeze to death, either. When the Green Line opened, and as it passed by YFT, I was exhilarated, like an adrenaline rush. The first thought when I found out about this development was, “Well, it’s about time.”

The Green Line at Sunset

The first time I actually rode the Green Line to YFT was for the Holiday Movie Camp screening of “Steel Magnolias,” and I had a lot of fun watching the movie with the usual crowd at the center, but on the way there I had amusing conversation on the train with Australians about their country, and we also talked about the Dallas Stars, Cowboys and Mavericks. I got off at Market Center Station, and felt a lot safer. I didn’t have to cross mid-block to get to the other side; I used the crosswalk. Although it was dark, YFT was down the street, and, most importantly, within 5 minutes of stepping off the train, I was walking through the doors. I think that with the Green Line, it should be a lot easier from now on for youth to get to Big Group on Thursdays nights. For me, it’s a smoother commute, and it beats waiting downtown for the 27, which also has a stop in front of the center, though it can seem a bit “shady” at times, so with this I advise you to take the Green Line over to YFT!

For more information, go to the DART website here.