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More Flags, More Fun!!! by Xander Graves

Written By: Kenny S August 11, 2011 No Comment

YFT launched an all-out recreational foray against Six Flags Over Texas (positions shown are approximate)

August 6th was a Saturday, and probably one of the few things I’ll remember of my teenage years. It was a special day because it was a day to for my friends and me to put aside all of our troubles and worries and just have fun together, even in the blazing heat of another Texas summer. It was the day Youth First Texas was going to Six Flags! Anyone who had paid the bargain price of only 15 dollars was granted transportation and entrance to the park plus a coupon to get one of three free lunch options consisting of either pizza, chicken strips, or a cheeseburger, along with a side, and a drink.
In the morning, all the youth who needed transportation to the park met up at the YFT center. Everyone was energetic and enthusiastic to go. After listening to the rules and regulations in the Big Group room, we all were more than ready to head out at 9:30 or so.
Once we arrived at the park, everyone split up into separate groups and pairings, making sure at least one person had a cell phone. Then we left to go have some fun and unleash our lovely insanity on the park, all while still managing to remain model citizens. Before lunch time, our group had gone on at least five rides. At approximately 2:00 p.m., we got a text message from Jeremy, one of the volunteers, reminding us that we would be meeting up at the restaurant, Johnny Rockets, in an hour to eat and check-in. It was then that we got to visit with the youth who’d come with their own rides, and group pairings changed.
By the end of the day, we had gone on the Conquistador, Texas Giant, Aquaman, Runaway Mine, Roaring Rapids, Superman, Flashback, and Batman, and even though some of the rides scared me, it got a little less frightening and a little more exciting with every time I yelled, “Llamaaas!” Despite the occasional dirty or shocked expressions of passersby or the few who were rude enough to say something uncalled for, we had so much fun. When we got into the van, we were all more or less soaked from either perspiration or water from the rides we’d been on, and everyone was pretty tired. This was my second trip to Six Flags this summer, not to mention the second time in my entire life. It was also my first trip to the park with Youth First, and even in the over a hundred degree temperatures, I think I speak for Marco, Sarah, Daniel, Hunter, Drake, Aurora and most everyone who attended in saying that I’d do it again in a heartbeat, and a big thank you to Jeremy, Chris and Joe for chaperoning the event!