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What happens in the daily life of a Youth First Texas volunteer or youth? You know, when they aren’t in the Big Room on Thursday or at Friday Night Dinner? Most of them have pretty ordinary lives. They go to work, have social lives, pursue their interests. And in the course of these daily lives, they often come across events or thoughts that are then shared with others at Youth First Texas. The following articles sample some of the experiences and thoughts of current volunteers and youth. Click the titles to read the full articles.

The "man's man"

Like a Rock by Aunt Equality Melanie

A Hollywood icon, Rock Hudson was the epitome of a “man’s man,” his status as the paragon of heterosexuality seemingly secured through his films. But to Hollywood insiders, it was all an illusion, and it came toppling down for the American public when he disclosed that he had AIDS. Looking back over his body of work, there are the occasional clues, waiting for the right audience to pick up on them. Man’s Favorite Sport? is one such film, and Aunt Equality Melanie does a great job of breaking down the film from a queer perspective, providing a much-appreciated foundation as Movie Camp gears up for a special screening of the film, complete with a Goldfish buffet, this coming Tuesday.


Draconis VonTrapp

What’s in a Name (Change)? by Draconis VonTrapp

One of the most important, and symbolic, moments in the life of a transgendered person is the moment they decide upon and adopt their ‘true’ name. But, as youth Draconis VonTrapp points out, this is not the easiest of processes. From potentially exorbitant fees to the confusing intricacies of the bureaucratic system, Draconis outlines his own journey as he puts the paperwork together and then takes the all-important step of getting a court date.


Pink Triangle

Always Remember, Never Forget by Kenny Schreiber

When it comes to the Holocaust and World War II, the persecution of the Jews is probably the first thing that comes to people’s minds. But they were not the only group targeted by the Third Reich. Also included were the Roma, or gypsies, the handicapped, and homosexuals, among others. Through September 5, The Dallas Holocaust Museum is featuring an exhibit that details the persecution of homosexuals during the Holocaust. As volunteer Kenny Schreiber notes in his blog entry, some people may feel an odd sense of déjà vu while reading the arguments of the Nazis. Rumor has it that YFT is planning an outing to the museum, so stay tuned for details.

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