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A Complete Guide to Playing Dota

Submitted by on Tuesday, 24 February 20094 Comments

Dota has gained great popularity not by chance. What is so special in this game that millions of people around the world spend hours and even days at the computer? Playing this game, you can get exciting experience and, moreover, gain analytical skills. It is not only about entertainment, it is about strategy and the use of progressive mind! Want to win? Follow the useful pieces of advice and learn more about the winning strategy. This will be helpful when betting at because the knowledge of the game basics is a must.

Tips and Tricks for Dota Players

Check the helpful Dota tips and tricks, which really work:

  • Use the fog of war. The fog of war is an important element in the game. Enemies chase after you and lose sight of. Because of this, you are able to perform unexpected actions. For example, using your ulta, going in the opposite direction. Running away, entangle your enemies: go through the trees, go back, circle or quickly buy a teleporter near the side bench and use it, so you can stay alive despite the difficult situation.
  • Read the guides. Do not hesitate to read the guides. They will help you learn from the experience of players who have already gone through it. So, you will save time and understand the mechanics and various chips much faster. Playing a new hero, do not be lazy to read the guide on it. This will greatly increase your chances of winning and you will learn how to play faster.
  • Buy disable option. Sometimes, one collected disable can win the game. And even on an unexpected hero, the assembled hex or orchid can turn the course of the battle. Also, collect artifacts on the team - sacks, arcana, pipes, etc. Of course, if they fit your hero. The team will surprise, if you collect the arcana on Antimage.
  • Do not leave the game before the end. Beginners like to leave the game until its end, if they are sure that they will not win it. Stop the gusts of anger, calm down, and take actions that will help assess the situation and extract from a particular game a maximum. Sometimes you can clamp on the base and not allow opponents to despise or buy a fig and make an unexpected attack on the enemy team. Do everything that is in your power. So, if you lose, then at least learn a lot of things and next time you will know what to do in such a situation. Always fight to the end!

Get training from Valve, see streams of tournaments and pro-players from the first person. In teaching, you will be told about the basics. It may sound funny, but you can learn something for yourself. In addition, look at how experienced players play on the streams. In such a way, you can learn many useful things. Also, at major tournaments, analysts explain in detail this or that game situation.