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Youth First Texas relies on the generosity and support of the corps of trained volunteers who offer their time and abilities to the organization to help with the various activities to support the youth. If you have the willingness and dedication to be an active part of the organization, we’re always glad to welcome new volunteers.

About volunteering for Youth First Texas:

Youth First Texas requires that volunteers must be at least 25 years of age. They must have completed a YFT Volunteer Application and attended the General Youth Work Training Class. All volunteers are also required to clear a national criminal background check as well as personal interviews. Finally, volunteers for Youth First Texas should have a desire to serve as a positive role model for the youth.

The General Youth Work Training Class is a two-part seminar held over consecutive Thursday evening and Saturday morning. Experienced volunteers will provide information on how to effectively work with the wide range of youth that come through the doors of Youth First Texas. They will also discuss pertinent skills that are necessary when interacting with the youth as a volunteer.

For your convenience, this class is offered throughout the year. The Thursday evening sessions run from 6:30 – 9:00pm, and the Saturday morning sessions from 10:00am – 2:30pm. For a list of the upcoming dates for the General Youth Work Training Class, please refer to the YFT Volunteer Application.

Getting Involved:

The first step to getting involved as a volunteer is to contact us, or fill out the YFT Volunteer Application. Email it to us, or stop by the organization one evening for a tour and a chance to see firsthand what Youth First Texas is all about.

Once we have received your completed application, we will reserve your spot in the next General Youth Work Training Class. We prefer a minimum of 5 people per General Youth Work Training Class, and a confirmation will be sent out a week prior to the class. Should the class fail to make, then the people signed up will be given priority at the next training class.

Our current need for Volunteers:

Group Facilitation: Preparing and facilitating small group interaction. Assisting youth in building a support network of friends and advocates.

General Volunteers (Thursday Nights): Staff the sign-in table during Thursday night meetings; greet the new youth and introduce the center to new youth; support the facilitators with group discussions; provide a positive role model for youth while at the YFT Youth Center.

Recreation: Develop a program of sports and recreation for youth of all abilities or support youth program development in this area.

Special Event Coordination: Plan parties, dances, retreats, seminars, trips and fundraisers.

Special Event Chaperones: Attend trips, parties, dances and retreats with the purpose of helping youth participate and enjoy the event.

Transportation: Take Youth to and from group meetings and special events.

Program Sponsor: Coordinate and act as an adult sponsor for youth-driven programs (i.e. Drama Group, Youth Choir, Youth Volunteer Activities, Katy Trail Cleanup Team, etc.).

Mentoring: Provide a relationship of understanding, education, support and advocacy for youth.

Administration: Help with fundraising, database management, mailings, e-mailings, web maintenance, planning, filing etc.

Life Coaches: Provide practical life skills such as budgeting, buying a car, renting an apartment, getting a job etc.

IT: Build and maintain the computer lab, provide network support and aid in software acquisition.

Outreach: Work with special outreach teams to reach populations underrepresented in our current programs.

There are lots of places within YFT for you and your special skills! Come join YFT today!