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What to Pay Attention to Choosing the Direct Payday Lender?

Submitted by on Tuesday, 24 February 20094 Comments

Choosing the Direct Payday Lender Nowadays there are a lot of people who have already started using payday loans facing emergencies. However, there are those who don’t want to take risks borrowing money online due to the possibility to face an offer from scammers. How to differentiate between the reliable direct lenders and those who want to earn money on your troubles? Everything is easier than you think. There are certain things to check out if you are going to request fast money online.

Don’t place a payday loan application form in a hurry and take your time comparing all variants. If you spend several minutes more learning about the lender’s offer, you will be able to save money and avoid all possible risks.

Who is a direct payday lender?

First, let’s define who a payday lender is. This is a person who provides financial help in the form of instant cash deposit up to $1500 on the condition that a borrower will pay money back with extra charges. A direct lender is ready to give a helping hand whenever you need it, even without asking how you will spend money.

Nowadays payday loans from are of great demand, which means that a lot of lending companies offer to use their services online. Unfortunately, not all offers should be accepted as some lenders aren’t trustworthy.

How to choose the reliable payday loan lender?

If you are puzzled being bombarded with a great number of fast money offers, you should pay compare services provided by payday advance lenders online.

  • Check out whether the lender you have chosen is the licensed one;
  • Get acquainted with the Privacy Policy;
  • Read Terms and Conditions carefully;
  • Check out customers’ reviews and comments;
  • Use the customer support service if you have any doubts.

Getting money via the internet, it is necessary to be extremely careful as your mistake and the wrong lender’s choice may result in the bad service provided.

Remember that the whole application process is completely free. Only scammers may ask you to pay money for possibility to apply for a loan online. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t share your bank account details before making sure that you have got a payday loan offer from a no third-party lender.

How to avoid payday loan offers with hidden fees?

If you have taken a decision to get a payday advance, you should know what to pay attention to. First of all, you should have a direct communication with the payday lender to discuss all nuances you worry about.

Ask how everything works and what will happen if you miss the repayment date. This is important to know beforehand as extension options are available not in all states. In order to avoid paying extra fees you weren’t aware of, you should be extremely careful when signing your loan agreement.

Read all terms and conditions twice as getting acquainted with the contract for the first time you may not notice something important written in the fine print. Spend time checking out all points of the agreement as some lenders may have trigger terms, which you could miss signing a payday loan document in a hurry.


  • Cathy Gonzalez said:

    The Board of Directors for YFT is extremely proud of Hai for receiving this recognition. He truly deserves this opportunity to expand his leadership training. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer young man!

  • Trey said:

    Yay! Congrats Hai!

  • Sherry Hooten said:

    Congratulations Hai! It takes courage to live in truth and I am proud of the example you are setting for all of us!

  • Renee Baker said:

    Congratulations Hai, woohoo, good for you! :)