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Sponsor a youth for the 2005 YFT Pegasus Softball Team !!

$60 sponsors a youth - Click the Button !!

If you would like to help, but not at the full $60, then click the "One Time" donation button at the bottom of this page


Giving the Gift of a Positive Future!!!


Youth First Texas offers several ways for you to make your tax deductible donations to help the GLBTQ youth in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area.

Youth First Texas relies greatly on its "Sustaining Donor" program for funding of current and future projects. With our "Sustaining Donor" program, YFT asks for a commitment of 3 years at one of the giving levels listed below. With a strong base of "Sustaining Donors", YFT is able to provide for current youth programs, as well as plan for much needed additional programs.

Click on any level to find out more information

Entry Level
2/52 Club 1 year
$2 a week for 52 weeks
Sustaining Donor Levels
Friends 3 years
$25 a month for 36 months
Champions 3 years
$75 a month for 36 months
Heroes 3 years
$125 a month for 36 months
Other 3 years
Specify your donation for 36 months
One-time donation One Time
Make a one-time donation


YFT now uses to securely process your one-time or sustaining contributions. Your donation is not only tax deductible, but if you use your credit card and have an airline miles program, you can earn miles on your contributions as well !


  • 2/52 Club one-year giving level
    So Simple!!

Just $2 per week for 52 weeks!
It's that easy to help! You can pledge $2 a week for 12 months and you can increase your giving at any time… but believe it or not -- your $2 per week means a lot!

(To reduce the drafts on your card/account, this giving level is billed monthly @ $8.66 per month)

  • "Friends" 3-year giving level
    Take us out to eat!!

How much do you spend dining out on ONE meal a month for you and a friend or partner? $25.00? Well, take us out instead!

Pledge $25 a month for 3 years and your money will go to help the GLBTQ youth of YFT!!! Donate one meal a month to YFT!!

Be our FRIEND and make a positive impact on the youth of our community.

  • "Champions" 3-year giving level
    Invest in the future!!

    Invest in the future & in the gay & lesbian youth who are right behind you!!! Be a committed supporter of the programs & services provided by Youth First Texas with a monthly donation of $75 for 3 years.

    The youth of this generation are making great strides, but they can't do it without CHAMPIONS like you!


  • "Heroes" 3-year giving level
    Above and beyond!

    Be the Sprit behind the programs of YFT!!! Help secure a future for the GLBTQ youth in the Dallas Area - Become a YFT HERO with a monthly pledge of $125.00 for 3 years.

    Be a HERO by making a bold statement that you support our GLBTQ youth and are passionate about contributing to their success and well-being.


  • "Other" 3-year sustaining donor giving amount
    "I would like to help, but with a different amount"

    Have a different amount in mind but still interested in being a sustaining donor? Click on the link below and tell our donor coordinator how we can set you up on a giving amount that will help you - help us !

Make a one time gift

Make a secure, one time gift to Youth First Texas and help to make a difference for a GLBTQ youth in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area.

If you have items you would like to donate as well, place look at our Wish List page.

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