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Featured Friend: Victor Rodriguez

Submitted by on Friday, 24 April 20094 Comments

Featured Friend: Victor RodriguezYouth First Texas has so many attendees it’ is unlikely for anyone to know everyone. So we’ve decided to help you get to know a different person at YFT every week. On that note, let me introduce you to this week’s “Featured Friend.”

Victor Rodriguez, 21, is a youth here at YFT. HeĀ  goes to school at Texas A & M Commerce and identifies with the “G” in LGBT. His favorite YFT programs are Big Thursday Group and the Queer Writers. Victor is hard to miss because he sports an astonishing 20 piercings.

“I first came to YFT a few years ago because one of my friends asked me to come with him, but I stopped coming for a while after that. It wasn’t until about a month ago that I decided to come back. I’m glad to be back home,” Rodriguez said.

His LGBT icon is David Willburn because he “changed my life. He helped open my eyes and helped me find my passion.”

Rodriguez adds, “YFT means a life changing experience. YFT has helped me find myself and love me for who I am.”

“To me, being a part of YFT has been an amazing experience that has opened many doors in many aspects of my life. I am very thankful to have found YFT and I hope others can get the same experience out of it as I have.”


  • David Willburn said:

    Victor is an intelligent and talented individual. He’s kind and thoughtful; his future will be magnificent.

  • Renee Baker said:

    I’m just getting to know Victor once again, by my side. What a wonderful young man with a bright future ahead of him!

    You rock Victor! :)


  • Tracy N. said:

    I LOVE VICTOR! Coolest kid in the world to work with.

  • Tina said:

    I LOVE VICTOR. he is a great friend to everyone and has such a great personality. he is someone i look forward to seeing every week