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Am I an Ally?

The term Ally encompasses a wide variety of people. Most commonly, allies are considered to be people who do not identify as LGBT but are supportive of the LGBT community and often work with them to achieve their goals. An ally can be a best friend, a mentor, even occasionally a parent. An ally can fill many roles, from trusted confidante to advocate.

The role of an ally also works within the LGBT community. A youth who identifies as gay can also be an ally to the transgender community, or a youth who identifies as lesbian can be an ally to the bisexual community. By forming such ties, the community finds a deeper understanding among its members, creating a better sense of unity.

The sites listed below are some good resources:
www.pflag.org: provides resources for parents, friends and others interested in being allies.
Safe Schools Coalition: a list of sites that straight allies may find useful, compiled by the Safe Schools Coalition.
Human Rights Campaign: the Human Rights Campaign has compiled a list of resources for allies.