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Am I Transgender?

Of all of the people in the GLBTQ community, transgenders are probably the least understood. A transgender person is someone does not feel comfortable in their body. They may feel like a female trapped inside of a man’s body (male-to-female, or MtF), or a male trapped inside of a woman’s body (female-to-male, or FtM). Gender Identity is how you feel yourself to be – either male or female, whether that matches your biological sex or not. After realizing that you are more comfortable living completely as the ‘opposite’ gender, there is a long and intense journey ahead of you. Through therapy, hormonal treatment, legal paperwork (for changing your name and sex), and sexual reassignment surgery, it is very possible to live completely as a man or woman, whichever is right for you.

Many people will question why a transgendered person cannot “just accept what they were born as.” However, anyone who has been unhappy within themselves knows that change must occur for true happiness. Accepting yourself as transgender, if that indeed is correct for you, is the first step discovering who you are and where you will go in life. From there, your true self will blossom not only within, but externally as well. Once you accept yourself, people are more likely to accept you as well.

Youth First Texas has a Gender Identity group the second and fourth Thursday of every month. At 7:30, a group of volunteers who have been in your positon, peers who also consider themselves transgender, and those who simply want to learn more about transgenderism gather together to discuss the trials and accomplishments that follow your personal acknowledgement of yourself.

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