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Am I Bisexual?

A person who is bisexual feels an attraction, often romantic or sexual, for both males and females, though many people who identify as bisexual point out that they tend to have a stronger preference for one gender.

There are many misconceptions when it comes to bisexual identity, and criticism is just as likely to come from gay and lesbian individuals as it is from straight people. Common accusations include “bisexual people are greedy” or “they can’t make up their minds,” even “they can’t be faithful in a relationship.”

These are value judgments, however, and each is particular to the person who believes them. Bisexual people do not necessarily see themselves as greedy or unable to make up their minds; they only know that they find both males and females attractive. And as far as the faithfulness concern goes, many bisexuals believe that while they are attracted to people of both genders, they only fall in love with one person.

It is also not uncommon for people to “come out” as gay or lesbian after first “coming out” as bisexual. They may believe that, by identifying as still somewhat “straight,” the backlash will be less severe. Still, just because a few may follow this path, does not mean it is meant for all bisexuals.

In addition to bisexuality, there are those people who choose to identify as pansexual. At first glance, there seems to be little difference between the two groups. However, pansexuality looks beyond the division of “male” and “female” and includes attraction to transpeople. Oftentimes, people who identify as pansexual say that they don’t fall in love with a person, they fall in love with a soul.