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Am I Queer?

Queer is defined as “strange or odd from a conventional viewpoint.” Many people in the GLBT community will add a Q for Queer. This is because there are several people who find themselves not straight, but not gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender either. There are several different categories that a person can fall under; here are just a few:

Gender Bender – blurs the lines of gender by presenting him/herself in a non-gender specific (or multi-gendered) manner; may, for example, wear a business suit with a short, male haircut, but also have on high-heeled shoes and makeup

Androgyne – does not fit clearly into the gender binary (male OR female) and sometimes may find him/herself genderless; many times, will identify him/herself as ‘mentally between male and female’; at first glance, the biological sex of the person may be unidentifiable; typically identify him/herself as pansexual or asexual; may ask people to refer to them with gender neutral (or genderless) pronouns, such as “hir” (pronounced ‘here’) and ”zie” (pronounced ‘zee’)

Pansexual – can be attracted physically, emotionally, romantically, and sexually to anyone, regardless of gender or sex; inclusive of bisexual (finds both males and females attractive) but also includes transgenders, androgens, and gender benders

Asexual – does not experience sexual attraction