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Major Changes Expected in League of Legends

Submitted by on Tuesday, 25 December 20180 Comments

At the height of the offseason, an open beta test showed a lot of interesting changes that will definitely change the meta when the next Split comes. It is in the middle of the season that the biggest changes in the year await us, not counting the beginning of the season, and usually they completely change certain areas of the game. The major changes that will be introduced before the resumption of the competitive season. Most of them are still being tested in the open beta environment but they promise to bring a lot of interesting changes into the game - from new items to fundamental changes in the style of the game of champions.

As expected from a good League of Legends update, there are more changes in it than can be counted, and studying each will take hours even from the best players. We decided to draw your attention to the most significant of them, which will have a huge impact on the professional scene in the coming months. Check the changes before betting on

Magicians and Mana

If some change affects some players in almost every game, it will be associated with the Doran Ring. To rebalance the use of spells by magicians at the beginning of the game, the Ring has been altered in such a way that it no longer increases the base mana recovery and does not restore mana when killing minions. Instead, it adds a fixed five points to mana regeneration every five seconds, and another +5 to minion damage on hit.

The general idea is that magicians will be able to use more spells in the first campaign in Lane, but the ability to apply skills after they pick up the first item that plays a key role will be slightly reduced. This will make the leap of power after the first return home less dramatic, and the progress - more smooth.

The Opened Book of Spells Can Be the Best Rune

Its previous version was actually used only to reduce the cooldown time of the Jump. In Riot Games, they decided to try to fix it, allowing them to change spells anywhere, if the champion is not in combat. Now you can switch to a new summoning spell, and after it has been used, return to the previous one.

This will lead to players being likely to start using the cool features that the Expanded Book of Spells provides them. In addition, the original summon spell will continue to recharge in the background, even after a replacement. This means that if the Jump will be recharged for a long time, you can safely switch to another spell if you anticipate an approaching battle.

The middle of the season brought interesting changes not only to magicians: they also expect shooters, although the changes for them will run in longer in the open beta environment, and we do not yet know when they will be introduced. They share a common goal - reducing the effectiveness of shooters in general, especially the strongest ones.