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Social Services

YFT offers free counseling to LGBTQ youth aged 14 – 22 years old. Counseling is provided by licensed therapists or therapists working under a supervised license. Those working under a supervised license will be supervised by other professionals in the field. Therapists follow all ethical guidelines including confidentiality and keeping therapeutic files. Youth under 18 years old need consent from their parents/guardians. Some issues that may be addressed include, but are not limited to: coming out, family struggles, school issues, self mutilation, depression, isolation, relationships, drug and alcohol abuse, etc.

If you are interested in counseling, please contact Dr. Oliver Blumer: counseling@youthfirsttexas.org

Support Groups
Support groups are necessary when working with youth. While volunteers are always ready and available to help youth in any way possible, sometimes a person just needs to know that someone is going through the same issue that they are. Because of this, support groups are vital part of Youth First Texas.

Coming Out Group
Thoughts and feelings about sexuality and the possibility of coming out can feel challenging, confusing, and possibly even exhilarating. Youth First Texas is offering a 4-week support group, giving YOU an opportunity to share with a small group of your peers about sexuality and the coming out journey in a confidential setting.

Coming out is an ongoing process. However, the first time you come out can be the most difficult. As uncomfortable as it might be, it can also be equally relieving and affirming. It can also mean that some of your relationships change.

Gender Identity Group
This support group is for GLBTQ youth dealing with issues of gender identity, transgender and/or transsexual issues. The group is also open to youth who are curious about what gender identity is, or what their transgender friends are dealing with. Held on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month from 7:30 – 9 PM.

Survivors’ Group
This is a closed group where youth who have suffered from abuse can share stories of heartache and triumph. This is an extremely important group, as several of the youth have been abused in same way. Each group member is extremely supporting and gives ideas on how others may be able to conquer their fears and overcome their abuse.

Referral Services
YFT is proud of our relationship with Promise House. Some services that Promise House offers include an emergency shelter for youth up to 18 years old and a transitional living program for youth 16 – 22 years old. In this way, we can offer services to youth that are homeless or need of respite from their families during their coming out process. A Promise House outreach worker is often available to youth at YFT on Thursday nights.

For more information about either of these services or for information about other available services, please click here to contact us.