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The Recent Trends in CS: GO

Submitted by on Thursday, 23 July 20200 Comments

Today, CS: GO has reached another milestone, having over one million players. What makes this game so special? Apart from high-quality content, also offers regular updates such as new maps and weapons.

Things to know about CS: GO Major

CS: GO Majors are online gaming events that are held in different locations worldwide. There are regional Majors represented by NA Major CSGO championship in North America and Asia. Amazingly, the reward pool of the global Majors has been one million dollars for the last couple of years. Rewards for lesser events may reach $300.000, which is still something to rely on. Also, winners get a safe place for the next event of the same series.

In 2020, the qualified teams of CS: GO include Astralis, Team Liquid, 100 Thieves, Natus Vincere, Evil Geniuses, ENCE, Vitality, and Each of them has had a strong online performance in the last several years. Whether his team will be able to bring about new skin loadouts with them or not, this is a good leverage point for those sellers who want to introduce their skins in a better light.

CS: GO Offering

Over the last decade, CS: GO's explosive and unpredictable growth was reached by the constant attraction of new players. Due to the unexpected events associated with the coronavirus quarantine, more and more people found a new interest in this video game. This online space has become a great opportunity for people to have fun and lead a public life without leaving the comfort of their homes.

In fact, CS: GO has actually been growing even before the release of its Shattered Web Operation or the emergence of the coronavirus. In 2019, CS: GO's customer base has increased by almost 80,000 players. This seemingly small jump has become the "Major peak," which can be observed by game enthusiasts every year. It coincides with one of the two yearly CS: GO Majors, focusing the players' attention on the game and exposing new viewers to its learning concepts. Surprisingly, CS: GO's major problem has turned into its best solution.

CS: GO's regular events have been criticized for the pressure it puts on players. But how exactly it helped CS: GO to hold its gains from the Berlin Major? There were a few high-profile events that occurred one after the other: ESL One New York, DreamHack Masters Malmo, StarSeries iLeague Season 8, IEM Beijing, and some others. Considering the sheer joy of watching players, there are more than enough resources gained from streaming Majors. A reason for skin collectors is to pay attention to the CS: GO next major. While you follow the sequence of such events using CS TV, you get an opportunity to check the way of completing a match in CS: GO. With the additional possibility to drop a championship-based sticker like a Souvenir skin, there are some event-stamped versions of the most common skins.

The CS: GO's long-awaited process has players returning to the game in droves. No considerable increase during the first real month after release demonstrates that some events affect CS: GO through the prism of Shattered Web. This process has failed to get players involved back to CS: GO. You will have to go all the way back to Operation Breakout to observe an increase in the customer base after extensive operations and activities.

Valve, the developer of CS: GO has always tried to act strategically by following consumer tendencies and releasing the so-called battle passes. It's a different approach when prior operations are processed according to the new standards. Valve has started defining its operations as "seasonal" in the game's regulations. Thus, Valve has added a new weapon to its collection, namely Perfect World. These skin advertisements have an immense impact on CS: GO development on the market.

As soon as Valve cooperated with Perfect World, they managed to release CS: GO in China. More and more game developers consider China as the source of all the hype. It didn't quite go that way. Over the last several years, improvements to the game have attracted new game enthusiasts across the Chinese region.

CS: GO's marketing tactics

There are specific aspects of Perfect World's marketing which turn the whole game into an attractive adventure for the most engaged players. Recently, Perfect World has arranged events developed for enthusiasts who look for skins by offering them free crates and the skins as affiliate bonuses.

Perfect World initiated a blog by informing enthusiasts that now was the best time to buy Shattered Web's exclusive crates. This is where ultra-rare and expensive skins like an AWP Gungeir can be observed.

By the end of each Major, the Chinese publisher is addressing the AWP in front of Counter-Strike's Chinese gamers. This isn't the first time that Perfect World has conducted these "Bring a Friend" events. It provides a great opportunity to provide fans with the unique gaming experience.

According to Valve's gaming approach to content, it still features all the makings of a grand slam. When CS: GO reached 800,000 monthly gamers, Valve would have come out on the pick. After the COVID-19 quarantines, this video game can demonstrate even more intense growth before the game trend gets down. In other words, a season pass offering on the horizon. What can be a Source Engine 2 port rumored for the last couple of years? It turns out that Valve's shooter might have more growing to do than it is widely considered.

The Bottom Line

The gaming routine associated with CS: GO is very easy to comprehend. Shoot everyone on the opponent and get a reward. Despite all the simplicity, CSGO is hard to be mastered. It has turned into one of the most popular titles all over the world.

These are only some of the things about CS: GO that you should be aware of. By knowing your way toward CS: GO championships, you will turn the game into an efficient adventure. By following the Major championships, it won't be hard for you to maintain the impact of Majors on either game meta or skin market.