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The Best Tips to Bet with Dota 2

Submitted by on Friday, 03 July 20200 Comments

Who said that Dota 2 is an easy game to play? You won't succeed in it without knowing its basic principles. In this post, you will receive some smart tips on becoming an efficient gamer at dota 2 bet. Let's go deeper into details.

Dota 2 Betting Tips

  1. Avoid betting on your favorite team. Betting on the team you actually like is not the best idea. Why? Let's be honest, the fact that you like that team can make it difficult for you to make realistic predictions on the future match. You can bet on your team, only if their chances of winning are really high. Otherwise, you are under the risk of losing a "good" sum of money.
  2. Stick to the pro scene. If you want to be efficient in any job, you should follow the updates. By monitoring the pro scene constantly, you can know the new roster additions, new strategies, team principles, and recent performances. It won't be enough to see the outcome and make your assumptions based on this. Eventually, the games can be closer than the score states.
  3. Have a Bankroll. It is always nice to have a bankroll. You need to know how much money you can spend weekly and monthly. It is not recommended to bet more than you are allowed to lose. Even if you lose your bankroll, you can wait a bit before starting to bet again.
  4. Do not treat betting as an income. Dota 2 betting can hardly be viewed as the major source of income. Compared to any other hobby, online betting can also make you some cash from time to time. But taking it as a regular source of income will make you disappointed at some point.
  5. Make reasonable decisions. Every bet you make on Dota 2 should be based on the common sense. Don't wager on some impossible results because you will just lose everything. After all, bookmakers are smart enough to know how addictive online betting can become. Many players lose self-control whole betting, so they simply cannot stop when they actually should. The odds on those Dota 2 bets may look attractive but those results won't just happen.

Closing Note

As you can see, the things you should know about Dota 2 betting are not something new for you. But the point is that we usually stop thinking logically while thinking of our next bet. If you follow the above-mentioned simple and reasonable tips, you will manage to find the balance between fun and logic. Eventually, you will enjoy the betting process and earn some cash without losing much of your funds.