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World’s youngest transsexual after sex change op

Submitted by on Tuesday, 10 March 20098 Comments

article-1135724-034c853a000005dc-250_468x681From Tim to Kim: German pop star, 16, becomes world’s youngest transsexual after sex change op

German teenager Kim Petras who became the world’s youngest transsexual after undergoing an operation at the age of just 16 says she can’t wait for the summer so she can try out a whole new wardrobe of tight fitting clothes.

The pop singer – born Tim – is well known in Germany for having started hormone replacement therapy as part of her gender transition by the age of 12.

Now 16, she completed Gender Reassignment Surgery in November, according to a posting on her blog.

Dr Bernd Meyenburg who heads the Psychiatric Special Outpatient Clinic for Children and Adolescents with Identity Disorders at the University of Frankfurt Hospital said: ‘Very few youth psychiatrists have any experience with transsexual developments. The families wander from one psychiatrist to the next.

‘I was always against such operations on children so young but after seeing how happy one of my patients was and how well adjusted after returning from having the operation abroad while still a teenager – I realised that in some cases it is the right decision.

‘Kim is such a case – she always knew what she wanted.’

Kim herself said: ‘Everything has changed because of this operation. I just can’t wait to put on my favourite bathing suit and go swimming like I’ve never done before.

‘I had to wait until my 16th birthday but once that was past I was able legally to have the operation.



  • Hai Duong said:

    Oh gosh she’s pretty.

  • Bryan mayer said:

    Wow shes so pretty!

  • Alexis Fitzgerald said:

    She is so beautiful. 16 is a little younge, but she inspires me

  • Rena Hampden said:

    She’s so pretty.

  • Robert said:

    she is so lucky. i envy her. i wish i could have been that fortunet

  • Anonymous said:

    Germany does this for free?

    /hate America

  • Miley Stapleton said:

    Oh wow. She is SUCH an inspiration. I’m 17 and I haven’t even been allowed to take hormones yet. I am extremely jealous, and SO happy for her!

  • Angela said:

    What an inspiration to us all, & sets the example to the entire world of what a male to female transexual should. she is as feminine as she possibly can be. she a female through & through & definately deserves the recignition. I know I’m in the same boat just older